If you don't know what that number's for then you're either new to town or under the age of 30. 

When I was young I had the two phone numbers I could call whenever I wanted committed to memory. The first was grandma's number. She was always happy to hear from me. The other was 968-2311, better known in the Rockford area as Time and Temp.

Riley and I got to talking about using the phone when we were younger and I wondered if the number actually still worked. Turns out it actually does!

It sounds pretty much exactly like you remember. The only difference is that instead of the voice saying "Amcore Bank time is..." it says "BMO Harris Bank time is..." Everything else is just like you remember. I think the voice is even still the same, it at least sounds similar.

Do yourself a favor and take a trip down memory lane and make the call. You have to dial 815 now but the rest will be really familiar.

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