The Witts seem like a wonderful couple. 

They've been in the Loves Park community for 20 years. They have kids that went to Harlem (great school from what I've been told.) And now they want to give back to the community.

To them, I offer a humble request.

You've stated that pretty much everything will be the same as before. I especially love this quote from the Facebook post above:

Our goal is to preserve the ‘quality of place’ that our community enjoys at the Dairy Depot for the next twenty years, giving families the same memories the Witt's experienced.

Giving families the same memories is a very noble goal and one that I deeply respect. Growing up in the area, I know that a random Tuesday afternoon cone with grandpa can deeply imprint your memories for decades to come.

Another memory of Dairy Depot, one I did no less than a year ago, was taking a walk at night to "The Depot" with the dogs and getting them their own doggie cone. It was either a quarter of 50 cents (charge whatever you need) and you got this little baby cone with a swirl of ice cream. Between seeing other dogs, getting pet by strangers, and topping it off with their own cone, it was literal doggie heaven.

So please, when you're making that first order from Sysco, or whoever is supplying you, make sure you throw in a few boxes of baby cones for opening weekend.

Sasha and Max would really appreciate it.

And since we're here asking favors, I realize you haven't announced how long you'll be open but if you end it on the usual Labor Day, that will mean that some of the weekly flavors might get axed this year. I humbly request that Blue Moon makes the cut this year. It is the best.

Thanks guys, the city appreciates it. See you soon.

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