It's hard to tell what's more incredible, the fire or the Officer's reactions.


A video is going viral this afternoon out of Montgomery, Illinois.

WGN-TV reports a group of Oswego Police Officer's rescuing a man from his burning trucks.

The Oswego Police Department shared the following message on Facebook:

Oswego Police responded to assist Montgomery Police yesterday with a hit and run accident that occurred in Montgomery’s jurisdiction. Upon arrival, police officers from Oswego, Montgomery and Kendall County Sheriff’s, all worked to remove a subject from a vehicle that was becoming fully engulfed in flames. The man in the vehicle was refusing to exit, requiring officers to forcefully remove him from the vehicle which extended their exposure to the fire. The officers ultimately removed the man from the vehicle, saving his life while putting their safety at risk. Oswego Police Officers Brandon Dilg and Cassie Catberro were injured in the incident as they experienced smoke inhalation and Officer Dilg also received burns on his arm and leg. The officers were treated for their injuries at a hospital and were released. We are truly thankful they were not injured worse than they were.

Please join us in recognizing the bravery and dedication of these men and women of law enforcement."

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