Spring officially starts next week and a few days after that, Dairyhaus opens in Rockton.

One of the official signs that Spring is coming in the Rockford area is the opening of Dairyhaus in Rockton.

This year, that is happening on Friday, March 30.

If you can believe it, Dairyhaus will be kicking off their 35th season and this year, some new windows are part of the deal

So if you happen to drive by Dairyhaus anytime soon and see those boarded up windows, don't freak out, the store will not only be opening on schedule, but it's bound to look even better than ever.

The real question is, what flavor will you be waiting in line for on Friday the 30th?

It's a tough call, but the best part is, we'll have the whole ice cream season to enjoy everything Dairyhaus has to offer.

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