Every family has their own inside jokes or catchphrases. My family is no different. Around our house, one of the most popular inside jokes is "TV Dad." The TV Dad reference came to life a number of years ago when I pointed out that I was sick and tired of every dad in (seemingly) every TV commercial being a complete moron. The dads on TV can't do anything right. They don't pick the right cellphone plans, they bring home a leaky puppy instead of groceries, the smallest, simplest task confounds them, and of course, their family is in a constant state of eye-rolling at this doofus they call dad. The sensible, intelligent, understanding dad of the past (I'm picturing Robert Young) is on the endangered species list.

Irishman Joseph Griffin, you're helping my argument. It seems that Joseph's son, Evan, gave his dad a GoPro camera to take on a Las Vegas vacation. Evan did not give his dad instructions on exactly how to use the camera, so what we have here is basically "TV Dad Does Vegas." Why is he a TV Dad? Well, he took all the video in "selfie" mode:

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