Battleship Sinks in a Few Seconds
"You sunk my battleship!" That's a phrase most of us have heard at one time or another, usually shouted by the person sitting across from you playing the game "Battleship."
This time, the sinking was for real. Best of all, no one was hurt, and the sinking…
Couple’s Dog Films Their Wedding
Ryder the dog wasn't just a member of the wedding party, but she also served as videographer for the day--and did a fantastic job.
From Fox Insider:
Addie and Marshall Burnett strapped a GoPro camera to their beloved Siberian Husky, Ryder, and let her capture their special day - and the results w…
Dad Records Vacation, Screws It Up
Every family has their own inside jokes or catchphrases. My family is no different. Around our house, one of the most popular inside jokes is "TV Dad." The TV Dad reference came to life a number of years ago when I pointed out that I was sick and tired of every dad in (seemingly) e…
The Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere
This is a really cool view of the Grand Canyon from the edge of outer space, but the story that goes with the video is pretty interesting, as well.
From Fox News:
It took five friends a couple months of planning to record the perfect GoPro shot...
How an Elephant Says “Go Away!”
From an old joke book I found in my desk drawer:
Q: How do you stop a charging elephant?
A: Take away his credit cards
I'll pause whilst you compose yourself. Did I mention that the joke is from the "elephant jokes" section of the book...