When I was a very young boy, I thought I would be helpful and wash off my mom's car for her. Apparently (since I have no memory of this myself), I was unable to secure the required materials (bucket, water, soap, sponge), so I just went ahead and used a can of orange spray paint. Voila! Clean car!

That didn't go over very well. As I pointed out, I don't remember the event myself, but I'm fairly certain that my dad did not fight back laughter whilst scolding me. I don't even want to get into his reaction when my buddy John O'Connor and I built a roaring fire in the fireplace...without opening the fireplace flu to let the smoke escape. I guess my dad didn't care about creating jobs (like the job we created for a local painter and smoke remediation specialist).

Then again, I'm quite certain that I was no where near as cute as these two little boys are. Enjoy.