There wasn't much for Cub fans to celebrate from last night's 12-7 loss to the Reds but there was some defensive excitement in the bottom of the seventh. 

A bases loaded shot down the line right at the third baseman was ruled caught by Kris Bryant. Bryant then got up, tagged third and then tossed it to first to double up two runners. Just your casual 5-3 triple play. The first one the Cubs turned since 1997.

Except it should have been a double play that resulted in one RBI, instead it was inning over.

The outstanding Jomboy breaks it all down in this video.

If you're not familiar with Jomboy, you should make yourself familiar. One of the best twitter accounts out there. The guy is funny and knows his stuff. Fair warning: some of his stuff is a little NSFW so make sure the volume isn't cranked at work if you're playing some of his videos. This one is pretty clean.

Fake or not, it was at least a sliver of excitement from last night's blowout loss.

The Cubs finish up their 4-game series against the Reds tonight. You can listen to it right here on 1440 WROK. Pregame starts at 4:35, first pitch is at 5:10.


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