The Cubs began the season on an unprecedented 10-game road trip. They'll have to wait one more day to play their first game at home. 

You were probably surprised to find out that it was snowing when you woke up on the morning of April 9th. That usually doesn't happen.

The Cubs were definitely not happy with the precipitation. Fortunately, they had an open date scheduled for tomorrow.

Not all was lost though. It looks like the team had a great time playing around in the snow. Some of these guys from warm weather climates don't get the opportunity to frolic in the cold stuff too often, so it was nice to see their inner kid shine.

The forecast looks to get much better as we get through the week. There's even a prediction of 70s by Friday. Don't look ahead to the weekend though. A birdie told me that snow might be back this Sunday. Summer will be here sometime, probably.

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