The Cubs-Dodgers rivalry has heated up the past couple of years. You can mark the Dodgers down for another victory over the north siders. 

The Cubs and Dodgers were reportedly the front-runners to host the mid-summer classic in 2020. The last time the Cubs hosted the event was 1990. The Dodgers? 1980. So I can see why they might have the edge there. You may ask, "Wouldn't baseball want to hold the game in one of their oldest stadiums?" They are. People often forget that while Wrigley and Fenway are baseballs "old" parks built in 1914 and 1912 respectively, Dodger Stadium is the 3rd oldest stadium in the league. It was built in 1962.

When you see the tale of the tape like that it makes a little more sense. However, I think the tipping point was this video narrated by the immortal Vin Scully.

That's not really fair if you ask me. I'd buy a timeshare if Vin Scully was pitching it.

So that's the NLCS and a hosting gig the Dodgers have stolen from the Cubs. It's time to turn that ship around.

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