Kris Bryant has not been hitting for much power this year which makes the feat even more impressive.

Bryant had not hit a home run since July 20th. That's <pulls up calendar and starts counting the days> a LOT of days. Now he's been on the disabled list during that stint, but for a guy that was expected to hit 40 bombs this year, that's quite a dry spell.

Give JD credit here. He felt it coming on and was right on top of it. I have never heard him get that excited for anything that happened on the field, so you know he was pretty proud of himself.

We are truly blessed as Cub fans to have outstanding broadcast teams in both the TV and radio booth. Len is a pro that is the perfect companion for 162 games. Pat Hughes will be in the radio hall of fame one day and Ron Coomer is the perfect sidekick for the extra-dry humor that Hughes brings to the table.

If I were a Cubs player (looking at you Addison Russell) I would maybe talk to JD about predicting my next home run just for a little extra good luck.

Cubs are 2.5 games ahead of the Brewers right now with a magic number of 10 to clinch the division. Let's put our foot on the gas and coast/get healthy for the last week and a half of the season.

October baseball at Wrigley is gonna be a blast.

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