Dr. Dennis Norem made his weekly visit to the show to give us the latest on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and the vaccine rollout. 

Today was officially the one-year anniversary of Dr. Norem making these weekly visits to the show. Back in March of 2020 we initially thought that Dr. Norem would be on a few weeks, possibly even a few months, but we did not think we would be doing a whole year's worth of coronavirus updates.

But here we are, 52 weeks later asking questions that would have made absolutely no sense just a few months ago, let alone a year ago. It's been a long ride that's not quite done yet and we would like to once again thank Dr. Norem for taking time out of his day every week for us.

This week we focus once again on the vaccine rollout, especially here in Illinois. It was just announced that starting April 12, everyone in Illinois, outside of Chicago, over the age of 16 will be eligible for the vaccine.

We are still hearing reports that people, primarily under the age of 65, are having mild to severe reactions to the vaccine, especially the second doses of the two-stage variety. With everyone over the age of 16 entering the vaccine pool in a few weeks, Dr. Norem warns us about the sudden surge in reports that people are getting ill from the vaccine. He just wants to reiterate that it is normal to have a reaction, and still no one has died from a reaction to the vaccine.

We also get into how COVID-19 deaths are defined and what could be done to streamline that process. Dr. Norem also shared with us how impressed he is with the vaccine rollout over the past month. Especially considering where the state started, it's really become a well-oiled machine.

Dr. Norem will be back next Monday morning at 7:05. We thank him for his time and expertise.


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