Dr. Norem made his weekly visit to the show to give us the latest on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and the vaccine rollout. 

The biggest developments in the pandemic still have to do with the vaccine rollout. Dr. Norem and those in his building that chose to take the vaccine have completed both stages of the drug from Pfizer.

We asked him about the reported 40% of medical staff that said they weren't comfortable taking the vaccine. He explained that yes, just like with any new drug there was some skepticism initially, but now that the first round has been administered and there only being a handful, 15-20 cases, of a reaction to the shot, many medical staff that was once wary of the shot are signing up for when the next round comes to town.

We learned a bit more about the new mutation of the coronavirus that has been spotted in Chicago. Dr. Norem tells us that while the new strain appears to be even more contagious, all the major vaccines appear to still be effective against it. This mutation, Dr. Norem reminds us, is very common in flu-like viruses.

Dr. Norem also wanted to remind people that even if you or someone you are in contact with received the vaccine or were infected with COVID-19 earlier, that mask-wearing and social distancing should still be observed. There still hasn't been enough research to absolutely prove if these people can no longer be carriers.

As always, we thank Dr. Norem for his time and look forward to talking to him again next Monday morning at 7:05.

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