Dr. Norem made his weekly visit to the show to give us the latest on the coronavirus and COVID-19. 

Dr. Norem had a lot to talk about this week with the announcement that vaccines could be available in Winnebago county by next week.

We talk to Dr. Norem about who will and should be at the front of the line to receive a vaccine. Dr. Norem is pretty sure that it will be either frontline medical workers or the elderly first. What could still go wrong with the vaccine. Dr. Norem talks about the concern some people still have and covers one of the worst-case scenarios: all approved vaccines are currently two-stage varieties. If there is some concern about side effects after the first round is administered, it could be hard to make sure people complete the second stage.

We address flu season, which is right around the corner. We address the low number of flu cases reported so far this season. Dr. Norem explains that it's still a little early in the flu season during a normal year to see big numbers and the social distancing and mask mitigations used for COVID will probably mean flu cases will be low this year.

Then we address masks. Still after 8 months of the pandemic, the concept of why we wear masks still eludes some. Dr. Norem confirms that it isn't so much to protect yourself, it's to protect others from you spreading the virus before developing symptoms.

We thank Dr. Norem for taking time out of his day to spend with him. He joins the show every Monday morning at 7 AM.


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