Today is a seriously gray day in our part of the country, so I thought I'd color things up a bit with some things you may not have known about colors.

From an interesting piece at, we glean these nuggets of color:

Scientists have found that the perception of red color corresponds to the X-chromosome. Therefore, women are much better than men in distinguishing shades of red. Women have two X – chromosomes and males only one.

Makes sense to me. As a guy, I often find myself corrected by my wife and/or daughter should I make the mistake of simply saying "that's red, right?" I'm usually informed that the color I'm referring to is "Crimson," or "Scarlet," or "Candy Apple," or "Raspberry." Whatever. To me, it's all "red."

The best color for the car – silver. According to statistics, silver colored cars are involved in fewer accidents. This is due to the fact that they are clearly visible on the road and under twilight.

It would, of course, be my luck that I'd buy a silver car, wreck it, and then be informed that it's more a "platinum," or "titanium" color. I picture my wife and/or daughter rolling their eyes as I receive this information.

The taste of the food depends on the color of dishes. So, for example, hot chocolate tastes best drunk from orange cups, and coffee – from brown

When I consider the number of times as a bachelor that I consumed pretty much everything standing over the kitchen sink, without benefit of properly tinted dishes, I wonder how I managed to choke down my coffee out of a paper cup. I feel so socially inept.

Feel the aggression and anxiety? Surround yourself with pink things. Pink has the property to calm the nerves.

I don't know...I've read about Sheriff Joe out in Arizona putting inmates in pink outfits (and underwear). They still seem pretty aggressive and anxious.

The gang over at Buzzfeed have some more on color right here: