Okay, so you're a hacker. A hacker who is really hoping to glean some top-secret information from the G20 summit in Paris, France. Now, you know that officials at the G20 aren't going to just hand over the info to you. Security is air-tight, meeting rooms are constantly swept for bugging devices...so what do you do?

According to the New York Post, you make some of the attendees an offer they can't refuse.

“To see naked pictures of Carla Bruni click here” said a message sent to those attending, who included finance ministers and central bank representatives.

Bruni, a former supermodel who became President Nicolas Sarkozy’s third wife in 2008, was well known for taking her clothes off in her early career.

This prompted many to open an attachment which turned out to be a ‘Trojan Horse’ with an embedded virus, although all recipients could see were the X-rated photographs.

That Trojan Horse virus, once released, infected the computers of dozens of senior officials, and even forwarded the virus to others in the aforementioned officials' address books.

“Almost everybody who received the email took the bait,” said a government source in Paris, saying that this included representatives from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia.

The "phishing" attacks are believed to have their origins in China, but at this point, investigators are unsure of that. They're also unsure of how much information was stolen.

So, next time you find yourself at a big, important get-together, try to resist the urge to download a nude photo of your host's wife. Have some manners.

More on this can be found here.


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