Wait a second, what day is it?

At some point I will have to stop blaming my lack of remembering what day it is on the Cubs, but not yet.

I've been so obsessed with baseball I did not realize it was November. I completely missed Halloween, and all of the sudden Thanksgiving feels like it's tomorrow.

Then, as I was driving home from work the other night I saw this.

Is that a Christmas tree?

I totally understand that store shelves start filling with Christmas decorations shortly after Halloween, that's fine, but outdoor decorations lit up at night already?

It's 70 degrees out, for goodness sake! We don't want to see Christmas trees and angels on the light poles yet, do we?

I don't... I'd like to wait until after Thanksgiving, and I have a feeling a bunch of other Rockfordians do, too.

As Amy said in her comment to us on Instagram, at the very least if you're using this nice weather to get your outdoor lights ready for the season, don't turn them on yet.

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