It's as synonymous to Chicago as the deep dish pizza and Italian beef. 

If you've never taken a shot of Malort you really can't understand what it tastes like. If you have, you can't forget what it tastes like.

Here's a couple of ways I've heard the taste of Malort described.

  • A combination of nail polish remover, chamomile, and grapefruit peel.
  • A shot of grapefruit with a gasoline chaser.
  • Death

I've had it. I never really got the grapefruit vibe from it. I always described it as a sweet-ish whiskey that's been passed through an old gym sock.

Bottom line is it's not pleasant.

The Swedish liqueur used to be produced in Chicago before spending some time in Kentucky. For that past few decades, it has been made exclusively in Florida. Until now.

The maker of Malort put the company up for sale and it was bought by Pilsen based Ch Distributors. So Pilsen can now lay claim to being the official home of one of the worst things you've ever had.

To Malort's credit, I've never seen anyone get sick from a shot of Malort. I'm pretty sure that the body is in too much shock to do anything but contort the face.

It's become a lot more popular in the past few years. In 2011 they sold 2,000 cases of the stuff. Last year they moved 10,000 cases. You should be able to find it in town. Pick up a bottle if you see it, it should last you about a decade.

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