If you're a "foodie," and you want to say you've dined in the world's best restaurant, you really don't have far to drive to make that happen. It's in Chicago.

The "Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine" Elite Traveler has named Chicago's Alinea (1723 North Halsted) the world's best restaurant for the 6th time in 7 years.

Alinea had taken a big fall all the way to the #2 spot last year (Azurmendi, of Larrabetzu, Spain, was #1 last year), but now, they're back on top.

The United States did very well as far as numbers of fantastic restaurants go, according to the Chicago Tribune:

Unlike, say, the World’s 50 Best rankings (which will be announced June 19), Elite Traveler’s poll is rather generous to U.S. restaurants. Twenty-eight USA restaurants made Elite Traveler’s list, the most of any country (France was second with 18; Spain was third with 8).

In the United States, New York placed the most restaurants at 13. San Francisco had five to nine mentions (ET’s geographic borders are a bit capricious).

If, like me, you had to look up the word "capricious," I'll probably run into you later at Jimmy John's.

And, a dramatization of when my wife Amy and I go out for fine dining...

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