Sister Mary Jo Sobieck from Marian Catholic wowed the sporting world over the weekend. 

The former coach at Marian Catholic was eager to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and showed no nerves before making the toss.

First of all, she threw it from the mound. A LOT of people don't even make it to the rubber and throw from the front of the mound. It's actually a pretty smart move. If you're not used to throwing from an elevated position it can be difficult to acclimate.

But the move that has everyone buzzing is the flip off her bicep and back into her hand. This is an impressive move that actually isn't that hard. If you want to try this at home, just take an apple or baseball, flex your arm so you're holding it right above your bicep. Then let go and as you let go "punch" your fist out. It should pop right back up and into your fist. Now, while this isn't a difficult trick, it's very impressive to pull off in front of a crowd, dressed as a nun.

Then to wrap everything up, she tosses a 60 MPH curveball right over the outside corner. Honestly, it was better than some of the pitches we've seen out of positional players a couple of times this season.

It takes a pretty impressive first pitch performance for it to go viral for being so good. Being bad? That's easy to go viral with. Here are some of my favorites.

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