I'll cut straight to the point. Spring break is an important time of year. And if you're like me, you're creating a bucket list of things to do. Luckily, Chicago has some of the best things to fill your schedule with fun and re-energize!

Ever since I was in school, I always took spring break seriously and counted down the days until it came. It was the last break until summertime and I got to lounge around and read in the sunshine without it being too hot.

Not kidding you, I would legit make a list of things I wanted to do during that time. I would plan everything out by the day, including being lazy and procrastinating as much as possible. Now that I'm in the working world, I don't get spring break. However, I'm creating my bucket list of things to do, and my eyes are 100% set on Chicago! I don't know about you, but these are the top five things I have on my list to check out this spring!

Fun and Popular Things To Do In Chicago For Spring Break

Lincoln Park Indoor Skydiving - 800 West Scott Street, Chicago, IL 60610

Skydiving is something that I, like many others, have always wanted to experience. However, right now I'm going to call chicken! Indoor skydiving seems more up my alley. I'm an adrenaline junkie, so checking this out seems like a total thrill!

Disney100: The Exhibition - 2367 W Logan Blvd, Chicago, Illinois 60647

I'll confess, I'm a total Disney adult. The human embodiment of every other adult's nightmares. This place would bring pure magic to my spring break dreams! Honestly, I could see myself blowing my entire paycheck at a place like this.

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Zanies Comedy Night Club1548 N Wells St., Chicago, Ilinois 60610

Most of my friends know this about me, but I'm a big comedy lover. I practiced for three years back home. But I mostly miss nights out with my comedy buddies and supporting other performers. They have shows pretty much every night, so it's safe to say my nights would be filled with some good laughs!

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The Chicago River Walk- 22 E Wacker Dr., Chicago, Illinois 60601

This whole walk could fill an entire day! From wine tasting to museums you can check out, this spot looks pretty epic. I could dedicate an entire day to this. I'm a big wine and nature lover, so I think walking and gawking here would be so much fun!

Adler Planetarium- 1300 S DuSable Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Illinois 60605  




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I'm including this one for purely selfish reasons. I love outer space! If I had a choice, I'd be asking Elon to be a subject for survival trials on Mars. That's a joke, but this spot might be the closest I ever get to that experience. Museums and geeky stuff like this are my jam!

If you're looking for even more fun activities to do in the Chicago area during your time off, check this stuff out!

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