Bear's kicker Cody Parkey had a rough day at the office on Sunday. 

The Bears kicker missed four of his six kicks, including two extra points. What made the awful day more memorable was the fact that Parkey hit the upright on each of his missed kicks. That's nearly impossible to do.

Robbie Gould used to try to hit the uprights in practice to work on his efficiency and could never replicate that if he tried.

It seems that his team still has his back though.

This is crowd video from his third miss. You can see that he's greeted by pretty much every player on his way off with an encouraging helmet tap or shoulder bump. Then at the end you can see the quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, take some time to let him know that they still believe in him.

However, it's ultimately up to the coach if Parkey is going to keep kicking for the Bears, and it seems like Nagy is fully on board.

This Bears team seems to be a pretty tight-knit group. It's nice to see that everyone trusts each other even when you had one of the worst performances of your life.

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