It's hard to believe that this festival has never been done in the Windy City.

Chicago has added another fun festival to it's summer season, celebrating Italian Beef at the end of this month.

Seriously, why didn't they celebrate this food before?

I mean Italian beef is a given for tasty Chicago foods. I mean isn't it?

NBC Chicago shares that the First Annual Italian Beef Festival will be happening over Memorial Day weekend, on that Saturday May 26th.

It actually will be two sessions in one day.

Both sessions take place "at Revolution Brewing Tap Room at 3340 N. Kedzie Ave." 

The festival includes "Chicago's best Italian beef, Revolution brews, a special guest appearance by Chicago's Best Elliott Bambrough, a beef eating contest, and more.”

Your ticket to the event, whether you go from 12pm to 3pm during the first session or the second session from 4pm to 7pm will include "three four-inch Italian beef sandwiches and three seven-ounce Revolution beers."

Mmm... Italian beef and beer. You just can't go wrong with that.

Plus, the really cool thing about going to this event besides the food and drink is that $5 of every ticket (which are $30) will go "to support the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation." 

Now that's really cool.

To learn more about 1st annual Italian Beef Festival, click here.



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