Whether you believe in UFOs from another world, or think the whole idea is a load, there's no denying that some states have a lot more sightings than others do.

The problem for us, as Illinoisans, is that our state has some of the lowest odds in the nation for a UFO sighting.

Casino.org, an independent provider of online casino reviews and information, found that states like Wyoming and Vermont offer the best odds of seeing a UFO, at 205 to 1 and 250 to 1, respectively, based off population data. There have been 2,854 and 2,493 sightings, in Wyoming and Vermont, respectively, since 1940.

In Illinois, your odds of seeing a UFO are 2,242 to 1. We've had 5,694 sightings here since 1940.

States with the lowest odds are Florida, Texas and New York at 3485 to 1, 3395 to 1 and 2584 to 1, respectively.

From Fox News:

California has seen the highest number of UFO sightings, at 23,419. Other states that have a high number of UFO sightings include Texas, at 8,334 sightings, New York at 7,641 sightings and Missouri, ironically nicknamed "The Show-Me State," at 7,467.

New Mexico, where 6,273 UFO sightings have been reported, is home to the famous Roswell incident. In 1947 a UFO purportedly crash landed, alien bodies were recovered and the U.S. government engaged in a cover-up, according to countless conspiracy theories.

Some of Casino.org's other UFO nuggets include:

  • Arizona is one of the states where you’re least likely to encounter a UFO, yet in recent news two pilots reported identifying a UFO flying over the state.
  • For those worried about alien abduction, Florida was found to have the lowest odds of encountering a UFO.
  • In total, there have been 259,691 UFO sightings in the U.S. over the past 78 years, and more than 40,000 Americans have taken out insurance against being abducted by aliens.