Help! "Working together. Of women. The power." What do these random signs mean?

That's what I noticed when I glanced at this picture on Imgur. I read each sign like it was a standalone group of words.

However, "working together of women the power" makes no sense at all.

What if you read the signs left to right? OK, "working of the together women power." Yeah, that's nonsense too.

The last thing you can do is rearrange the order of the women.

Take the lady on the right and slide her all the way to the left. Let the lady in the middle stay right where she is, and swing the lady on the left to the right.

This is what the signs should read (and what I suppose they meant to say all along):

"The power of women working together"

Phew, I thought I would never figure out what that group of signs meant.