Curse you Food Network, you've made me a FOODIE!

In our house, we seemingly can't get enough of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives with Guy Fieri, we pay close attention to the strange ingredients that lead to strange dishes on Chopped, and we would love to sample the dishes that are made up on the spot on Iron Chef: America. Yep, we are definitely foodies.

If you're a foodie as well, you might find some of the following food, fascinating. Sorry, could't help the alliteration.

From Justin Abarca and Erin La Rosa at Buzzfeed, we get these gems (comments are mine):

  • Central Appalachia’s tooth decay problem is referred to as Mountain Dew mouth, due to the beverage’s popularity in the region. (Mountain Dew Mouth would be a great band name)
  • Oklahoma’s state vegetable is the watermelon. (Maybe they didn't understand the question)
  • One of the most popular pizza toppings in Brazil is green peas.
  • Store bought 100% “real” orange juice is 100% artificially flavored. (No one is more surprised than the shopper who reaches through the cooler all the way to the orange grove)
  • The most expensive pizza in the world costs $12,000 and takes 72 hours to make. (However, if it takes 73 hours, it's FREE)
Want some more? (probably not, but humor me anyway)
  • The Dunkin’ Donuts in South Korea offer doughnut flavors such as Kimchi Croquette and Glazed Garlic. (Time to make the Kimchi...)
  • There is an amusement park in Tokyo that offers Raw Horse Flesh-flavored ice cream. (Doesn't say whether or not there are any takers for that offer)
  • A large Cinnabon has less sugar than a 20-oz. bottle of Coca-Cola. (I feel kinda silly for having both this morning)
  • Castoreum, which is used as vanilla flavoring in candies, baked goods, etc., is actually a secretion from the anal glands of beavers. (No more vanilla flavoring for me. Ever.)
  • Casu Marzu is a cheese found in Sardinia that is purposely infested with maggots. (All those times as a bachelor I could've just said I was making Sardinian cheese)
  • One fast food hamburger may contain meat from 100 different cows. (But, the burger is free if you can name them all)
  • The most expensive fruit in the world is the Japanese Yubari cantaloupe, and two melons once sold at auction for $23,500. (There's a Pamela Anderson joke in there someplace...)
  • There are 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world, and if you tried a new variety each day, it would take you 20 years to try them all. (So let's get started!)
More facts here. Bon Appetit.


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