Normally, when you hear about a food product being recalled, it's because of a singular issue like Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, etc. Like I said, "normally." But, not always.

In the case of Hostess Brands, their hamburger and hot dog buns that are being recalled may have been contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella. Kind of an awful double-whammy.

Here's what Salmonella and Listeria look like (magnified, not actual size, cause that would be really frightening if they were this big).


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Listeria monocytogenes:

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Okay, to me the Salmonella looks like some sort of pomegranate spread, and the Listeria monocytogenes have that "goldfish crackers-meets-cheetos" look about them. I think you can see why the FDA continues to reject my applications for employment.

Which Hostess Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns Are Being Recalled?

The voluntary recall includes multiple batches of Hostess Soft White Hamburger Buns and Soft White Hot Dog Buns. Check your pantry for these:

FDA, Facebook
FDA, Facebook

Food and Drug Administration:

Hostess Brands is recalling the impacted products out of an abundance of caution after becoming aware of this issue from its co-manufacturer, Best Harvest Bakeries, through Best Harvest Bakeries’ environmental monitoring program. To date, Hostess Brands has received no reports of illness related to this issue.

It's Only Hostess Hamburger And Hot Dog Buns, Not Other Hostess Products

If you've got other Hostess Brand products around your house, the FDA says that there's nothing to worry about. Best Harvest Bakeries only bakes hamburger and hot dog buns for Hostess, so there are no other bread products affected by the recall.

Click here for batch numbers and best-by dates for the recalled buns.

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