The Orangutan exhibit in Tropic World: Asia at Brookfield Zoo just got a whole lot cuter!

Maybe it's because I have an entirely new appreciation for motherhood, or maybe it's because I'm only three weeks into returning to work after maternity leave... but is this just not the second cutest baby you have ever seen!?

(I have to say second cutest in case my three-month-old daughter reads this someday.)

On December 20th, Chicago's Brookfield Zoo welcomed an unnamed female Bornean orangutan. Sophia, the mother, and Ben, the father, showed off the new baby girl Tuesday when baby was just two weeks old.

So cute!

The Tropic World: Asia exhibit, most specifically the orangutans has been my favorite exhibit since I was a child. My husband and I have stood and watched the orangutans for hours at a time. Thankfully another little orangutan was welcomed into this world, as they are considered a critically endangered species.

If you would like to visit the newest member to the Brookfield Zoo Family, you can see the little one mostly in the mornings clinging to her mother.

Congratulations Brookfield Zoo!


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