Remember the old adage, if something is too good to be true it probably is.

In a world where many have "unplugged" from a cable or satellite viewing package and watch everything on a streaming service, some people would be quick to jump on a freebie. I know I would.

Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon, ESPN, AMC, HBO, Disney, the number of streaming options have as much variety as a cereal aisle at any grocery store within a 20-mile radius of Rockford. The list continues to grow and grow. (I wouldn't be surprised if a new one launched while I type out this article.)

Least Amount of Streaming Services In My Town?

Maybe. I can tell you with certainty I am not an over-subscriber when it comes to streaming services. We have two in my house at the moment, Netflix and Peacock. I'm not nearly the show watcher I was in previous years.

Despite the lack of options in my home, I'd still jump at free Netflix for a year because getting something for free is always a win. A text I received at 12:30 the morning this article was written indicated I can get a free year of Netflix. This doesn't involve a contest through, which is one of the multiple red flags.

As you will read in the image below, "Netflix" wants us all to stay home. As a way to keep us indoors, according to the text I received, the streaming service is giving everyone a "free 1-year subscription" to keep us home.

Fake Netfix Text

More Flags Than a Poorly Ref'd NFL Game

Seriously, you could make a blanket with all the red flags that come with this text, or at least a bath towel.

The most obvious red flag: Netflix would lose so much money it would probably put them out of business, ala Blockbuster.

Another red flag: We're more than a year into a pandemic and there is (seemingly) light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, not only the bogus-looking link but what is Netflix texting me when they can throw notifications or emails at me? Texting is so 2010.

My point is to never click links sent to you in a text from a random number like the one listed in the text I received. Oh, and I left the number in there in case you need a fake number to hand out at a bar or something.

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