Bob Dane from the Federation for American Immigration Reform joined us on the show this week to discuss the recent killing of a woman in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported five times.

In case you've missed the details on this story, the San Jose Mercury News has more:

Five times, the man accused of killing former Pleasanton resident Kate Steinle was deported to Mexico. Five times he returned.

But the efforts of federal immigration officials to detain Francisco Sanchez for a sixth time failed when they turned him over to San Francisco officials, who released him in mid-April. Ten weeks later, Steinle was dead on Pier 14 and Sanchez, 45, a habitual felon, had been arrested for the shooting.

Sheriff's officials let Sanchez go after drug charges against him were dismissed. San Francisco, a "sanctuary city," refuses to enforce federal immigration holds. And as news of his circumstances broke, that pro-immigrant policy -- shared by many other cities -- became embroiled in controversy once again.

Here's the full conversation with Bob Dane:

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