We all know by now that many businesses have been deemed to be "non-essential" and ordered to close. But a city's police department?

In a word, yes. The mayor of Chicago suburb Blue Island, Domingo Vargas, decided to shut down the Blue Island Police Department after an officer tested positive for COVID-19.

Not surprisingly, there are many who do not agree with the call.

State Representative Bob Rita criticized Vargas’ action, and his alleged failure to contact his office or city council members about the decision.

“At no point did the Mayor’s office contact my office, any member of the City Council or any other local leaders in making this rash decision,” Rita said in a statement.

But Vargas says he pulled officers from the streets and closed the station on recommendations from state and county health officials.

According to Rita, he’s made arrangements with Cook County Sheriff and Illinois State Police to make sure Blue Island residents have police protection.

I'm sure that every single resident of Blue Island will be on their very best behavior while the local PD is closed up...or not.

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