Since it looks like dogecoin will not be "going to the moon" this might be your next best bet to get rich quick. 

You might remember a few years ago when the Queen of Hearts raffle turned a McHenry VFW into a national story. It actually happened 2 years in a row, the first jackpot grew to over $7 million and the second one topped out at around $4.7 million. That's not quite where the Blackhawks jackpot sits at, but it's getting close and this is when a Queen of Hearts raffle can really grow to crazy amounts.

How does the Queen of Hearts raffle work? It's pretty simple. Before the raffle starts all 52 cards from a playing deck (or 54 if they are using the jokers) are placed in individual envelopes and numbered from 1-52. When you buy a raffle ticket, you also select which of the remaining envelopes you want to open. If your ticket is picked, the envelope you selected is opened. If it contains the queen of hearts, you win the jackpot. Some places have side games where you get "X" amount of dollars if you select a different queen or a heart of any kind. The Blackhawks for the record do not use jokers and there are no side pots. Winner will get half the jackpot.

Half of this jackpot would net a winner just over half a million dollars but this jackpot could certainly grow. They're currently in week #30 of the contest, which means there are still 23 cards to pick from. A 1 out of 23 chance is about only 4%. As more people hear about it, more people play, jackpot grows even bigger, not MORE people hear about it, it just snowballs into a huge jackpot when there are only a handful of cards left.

Here are the cards still available for this jackpot:

It's all for a good cause, half the jackpot will go directly to the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation that has done a great job helping out the community. This is a win/win for everyone here, especially the one that picks the queen of hearts.

Head over to their website to buy your tickets. They draw a ticket every Sunday at 7PM.

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