When you live in the Midwest, it's pretty hard to dine outside majority of the year.  So when I do pick a place to eat outside, it better be nothing but the best.

I personally love outdoor dining, especially by a dock!  Prairie Street Brewing Company is probably #1 on my list to eat outside because it's on the river and the breeze feels amazing especially on a hot day.  The vibes are also completely different compared to indoor dining, you know what I mean?

According to Thrillist, they supposedly found the absolute best places with outdoor dining patios in America and surprisingly enough.... an Illinois city made the top of the list!!!  Yup, crazy!


Technically, all patios are freaking awesome because... well, you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Drinking is just the bonus!  Don't even get me started on this gorgeous setup, the layout is everything.

We set out to round up patios that went above and beyond being excellent places to tilt back a cold one, whether that meant an awesome layout, crazy decor, or peerless additional perks. - Thrillist

Frontier was ranked #1 as the BEST Outdoor Patio in America and there's no question why.  They promote their patio like crazy when Spring time rolls around. The open ceiling concept is brilliant!

One of the coolest things about Frontier is they have a menu item that can feed an entire village.  You can order a WHOLE animal!

You can order wild boar, goat, alligator, lamb, pig, short rib, salmon, antelope, and wagyu.  Every animal order comes with 4 sides, so you either have to come extremely hungry or share with a huge group of friends: 5 Cheese Mac, Caesar Salad, Seasonal Vegetables and Buttered Rolls.

Take a look at this mouthwatering mac and cheese.  I can't even speak because it looks incredibly good.  I would order just this for myself - and no I wouldn't share.

Now that you're just as excited as me for outdoor patio seating, check out their website for their full menu and their Instagram for photos of the best patio in America!

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