It's supposed to hit 90 degrees all weekend. And a lot of things are opening up. That equals one thing this weekend. 

Carlson Ice Arena.

Now, admittedly, this post is not for me. This is for anyone that can actually skate. I've been skating at exactly one Rockford Ice Arena, I'm not really sure which one. It was maybe 20-25 years ago. My 4- and 7-year-old cousins were visiting from Utah, after living in Canada before that. My aunt convinced me to take the boys to the rink. I had a friend that knew what they were doing and convinced me that I could learn in minutes.

She was wrong.

I was getting openly mocked by the 4-year-old for being so bad. I didn't fall down. I just couldn't move. At all. I did fall down when we tried the hold the bar and she skates backward move. More mocking ensued.

By the time I was helped out off the ice, my body ached, and this was when I was 19 and basically invincible. NOT like it is now. I cramped up all night and was sore for 3 days.

What I'm saying is, that if ice skating destroyed a mildly athletic 19-year-old version of me, it will probably destroy me today.

Maybe, hopefully, you or a child of yours is blessed with the normal ability to ice skate.

Good News. Carlson Ice Arena is open again.

There are a few new rules, the main one is that reservations are necessary and can be made online.

You can do that and read all the details on the Rockford Park District website. 

Remember that the park district is hiring for lifeguards and many other positions in their district. Maybe you could start a career today.

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