The NFL dropped some interesting emoji Twitter hashtags for NFL teams to use during the upcoming season. However, the Bears hashtag is kind of silly and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

First, the Bears hashtag for the season is #FeedDaBears. Huh? Seriously? I've been a Bears fan my whole life, and I've never said that. On top of all that, the literal meaning of the phrase could lead to a very dangerous and perhaps life-threatening situation of feeding actual bears.

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So that's dumb, and what about just using the #DaBears or #BearDown? Well it appears the Bears Twitter has an answer for that too.

Legal stuff? You'd think a team playing in the most profitable sports league on Earth could afford to pay whoever may have legal rights to when it comes to a hashtag. Lame.


That's fine though, most of Twitter hates the new hashtag too. Luckily for us, the hate is actually pretty funny.

Heads up NFL or Chicago Bears, you may want to consider changing the hashtag. It could be a very long year.

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