This is a pretty apt analogy for the Bears season so far. 

I'm not going to make fun of this guy. You can tell by the shadows on the field that he was probably looking into the sun. I've never tried to catch a football in the second deck of Soldier Field, it's probably harder than it looks.

SIDENOTE: What a toss by Cordarrelle here. Just a dime from about 50 yards out. Nagy might want to keep that in the back of his head in case this whole "Trubisky" thing doesn't work out.

This guy isn't the only one wearing a Bears jersey that is having a hard time catching the ball. Take a look at this:


The Bears are the current NFC leaders in dropped passes. Not great.

There's some bad juju going on at Soldier Field. Maybe they need Curtis Conway to come in and give everyone a pep talk.

Only 5 more weeks left in the NFL season, then baseball season begins in earnest.

March can't get here soon enough.

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