At this point, I'm guessing that you're up-to-speed with the latest developments in Bed Bath & Beyond's bankruptcy announcement.

As we told you yesterday, Bed Bath & Beyond is now at the beyond point, as it seems that they're beyond saving their stores across the country, including their Illinois locations.

With plans in place to close all of their locations at some point in the very near future, many have been wondering just exactly what they're supposed to do with their 20% off coupons, their BB&B gift cards, and their Welcome Rewards+ discounts. Can they be used, or are you simply out of luck?

Weirdly enough, the answer is yes to both questions.

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"Deep Discount Sales" Are Coming To Bed Bath & Beyond As Early As This Week, And If You've Still Got Those 20% Off Coupons, You Need To Hurry Up And Use Them

When I say hurry up and use them, I really mean it. According to Bed Bath & Beyond's website, store closing sales are expected to begin in stores and online beginning Wednesday (tomorrow), and "all purchases during our store closing sales will be final."

Wednesday, according to BB&B, will also be the last day that they'll accept your coupons or Welcome Rewards+ discounts.

If you happen to have any Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards or loyalty certificates, the company says that they'll likely still be accepting those through Monday, May 8th.

If you bought something at BB&B before last Sunday, April 23rd, and you'd like to return or exchange the item, BB&B says once again that they'll likely process those until May 24th.

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