Remember, back in September BB&B said that they were planning on closing around 150 of their nearly 900 locations, which included 6 Illinois BB&B stores.

Then, in January of this year, BB&B said that they were going to close even more stores across the country, and three more Illinois stores were added to the list of 6.

Moving forward to February, BB&B put out the news that they were closing an additional 87 stores across the country, with 5 more Illinois stores being added, too.

Now, it looks like every one of their stores in Illinois and coast-to-coast are eyeing the very real possibility that every single Bed Bath & Beyond store may close forever.

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How Serious Is The Possibility Of Closing All The Bed Bath & Beyond Stores In Illinois (And Nationwide)?

It looks to be very serious, especially when you consider the announcement over the weekend by Bed Bath & Beyond that their well-known 20% off postcard-coupons would only be honored through Tuesday of this week (April 25th). After that, they're useless to you.

Bed Bath & Beyond also says that clearance sales will be kicking off this week on Wednesday, and that certain returns, merchandise credits, gift cards, and Rewards will still be taken through May.

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Bed Bath & Beyond Has Already Closed 9 Illinois Stores (150 Nationwide) Since Their First Announcement About Financial Troubles, But Unfortunately, We Have More To Go

Not a lot more, looking at the numbers, but definitely more than the previous nine closings over the last few months. BB&B says that it may abandon plans to close stores in the event they find a buyer for the company, is moving forward with sales of remaining stock, while "strategically managing inventory to preserve value."

Here are the 11 Bed Bath & Beyond Stores left in Illinois for now:

    • Clybourn Place, 1800 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago
    • Deerbrook Mall, 96 S. Waukegan Road, Deerfield
    • Finley Square Mall, 1548 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove
    • Frankfort, 11165 W. Lincoln Highway
    • Kildeer, 20505 N. Rand Road
    • Naperville, 336 S. Route 59
    • Normal, 1700 E. College Ave.
    • Forest Plaza, 6309 E. State St., Rockford
    • Skokie, 5545 W. Touhy Ave.
    • Springfield, 3251 S. Veterans Parkway
    • Willowbrook, 7174 Kingery Highway

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