A pizza restaurant that's been slinging pies for more than 50 years is getting some national attention after a recent review from Barstool's Dave Portnoy.

The Pizza Dave Portnoy Enjoyed In Lake Geneva

Portnoy, founder and owner of the sports and pop culture company Barstool Sports, generates thousands of views on his quick-hit reviews of pizza around the U.S.

His most recent review took him to Next Door Pub And Pizzeria in Lake Geneva. The restaurant is home to stone-fire pizza's with names like The Pub's Famous Garbage and The Geneva Meat Monster.

"I'm getting wildly full," Portnoy says as he chews on a slice in the video which generated more than 75,000 views in less than three hours.

Portnoy rated Next Door's pizza a 7.1 out of 10.

"Next Door pizza is a great spot," Portnoy says "People watching games. People having the time of their life. You can't miss it."

Portnoy Unimpressed By Competing Lake Geneva Pizza Joint

Portnoy has been sampling pizzas throughout Illinois and Wisconsin in recent weeks. The video from Next Door Pub and Pizzeria was his second consecutive review based in Lake Geneva.

A few days ago, he dropped a review for Oakfire Pizza that wasn't quite as glowing as his comments about Next Door.

"No disrespect to this place," Portnoy says in a video shot right outside Oakfire's front door. "It looks like a chain basically. The owner is definitely not in there."

While Portnoy enjoyed the "vibe" of the lakeside restaurant, he didn't sound overly impressed with the pizza which he called "standard" and "cookie cutter."

"This is one of your lowest moments," he tells a crew member who chose the restaurant for the review.

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