If you think you're hearing about more and more back robberies recently, the numbers say you're right.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the FBI has recorded 96 bank robberies in an 18-county area of northern Illinois this year, compared with 122 for all of 2013. We're on pace to smash the 2013 number, but likely won't come close to 2012, when there were 212 locally, or the record year of 2006, when there were 284 robberies.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

We certainly have our share around the Stateline area, though police recently captured a man suspected in three recent hold-ups. How many suspects are caught? The Tribune says:

About three-fourths of bank robbery cases are solved, and, once charged, nearly all defendants are convicted, Hyde said. Bank robbery information, including photos and information about unsolved robberies, can be found at www.bandittrackerchicago.com.

Officials say that while the economy can influence the number of bank robberies, often the robber simply needs the cash to support a gambling habit or drug addiction.