A photo of a ballerina and homeless man in Rockford is going viral for all the right reasons.

I saw this photo getting shared by a couple of friends on Facebook and I just knew that I need to dig a bit deeper.

The photo, originally shared on the Rockford Dance Company Facebook page shows a ballerina and a homeless man, named Mike holding hands in the middle of Main Street downtown.

The photo was taken by Carly Rice, who talked about the popularity of the picture (via email):

I hope in this climate of political dissatisfaction, police violence, civil unrest and growth/change within our city....that this makes people smile and considering kind to one extra person in their day. The grace and beauty of these young girls at Rockford Dance Company inspired me and reignited my faith in our community."

The comments regarding the photo have been thought provoking as well. One Facebook user said,

I would like to order this photo. I want it to hang in my home to remind me of Rockford and hope."

Rice's photography company, Hello Image was taking photos for an upcoming benefit for the Rockford Dance Company when the picture was snapped.

The art show, called "Dessert, Dance and Design" is set for October 13 at Riverfront Museum Park. Rice's photography will be on display there and all proceeds will benefit the Rockford Dance Company.

Carly Rice, Hello Image

Rice's final words regarding the photo:

I am floored by the reaction this particular image has received, and I'm endlessly happy it has created 1,000 smiles."

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