After my friend Scott got a very gross sandwich from McDonald's, Chef Paul Sletten at Abreo has decided to make a gourmet version for one night only.

Just a few days ago, I wrote about my friend Scott.

Poor guy.

He went to McDonald's to get a delicious Big Mac and some food for his wife Megan. Not only did he have to wait over 20 minutes at a Rockford McDonald's for his food, when he got home to eat it the order was wrong.

Way wrong.

He got a Big Mac, but instead of beef patties, he received fish. GROSS! This does not look appetizing... AT ALL.


But what if it looked like this? What if it came from one of Rockford's most popular and fanciest restaurants?

Ugh yeah... I'd eat this!

I introduce to you The McFordMac, available at Abreo for one day only. Yes, TODAY, September 14th.

Can you even believe this?

Scott Ford's McDonald's mess up sandwich has gone so viral that Chef Paul Sletten of Abreo decided to recreate it.

Paul Sletten via Facebook
Paul Sletten via Facebook

I can not believe how famous this sandwich has become in Rockford. Amazing.

Looks like I'll have to go try a McFordMac today!


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