It's the last thing you expect you'll need to do when you agree to chaperone a homecoming dance. However, it was the quick thinking of an athletic trainer that saved an Illinois girl's life in Geneva recently.

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I saw this story on Yahoo News about Geneva High School senior Bridget Archbold. She was attending the Geneva High School's homecoming dance a couple weeks ago when she began to feel dizzy and a pressure around her neck area. Athletic trainer Nicole Collins who was chaperoning in the hallway heard the music stop and knew something was wrong. WGN News interviewed both of them about what happened next.

Nicole checked Bridget and could not find a pulse so she started CPR while a school nurse tracked down a defibrillator. They both likely saved Bridget's life as she was resuscitated. No medical cause for Bridget's collapse has been discovered yet, but she said that doctors are working to find out what problem caused the crisis.

The good news now is that thanks to Nicole's fast actions and CPR training, Bridget is already back to classes. It was a homecoming dance that could have been tragic, but is now a teachable moment about why having CPR training is vital for anyone that has the time and desire to get it done.

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