You may have heard the story about the young cancer patient in St. Louis that had her prized Anthony Rizzo picture stolen. A quick refresher if you haven't.

Abby Schrage is a 12-year-old brain cancer patient going through her second battle with the disease. Abby had a signed photo of the Cubs first baseman up in her hospital room as a form of inspiration while she fought the disease. Rizzo was diagnosed with cancer his first year in the Red Sox organization. He beat it after 6 months of treatment and has been in remission ever since. Earlier this week someone stole the picture from Abby's room. A true scumbag move.

Either someone from Rizzo's circle or maybe even Rizzo himself heard the story and has made it right.

Rizzo sent Abby a new picture along with a signed jersey and ball. I wouldn't be surprised if he finds a way down to St. Louis to see her sometime soon.

Another reason it's good to be a Cubs fan. Good guys make great teams.

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