This tweet came out this morning and it looked like it was just Rizzo having a little fun. 

He's been known to do some goofy stuff. There's the report that he was dancing naked to the Rocky theme before a World Series game and he's apparently the mastermind behind the Cubs "celebration club" in their clubhouse.

So when Rizzo tweeted out these pictures it just looked like him playing dress up again to keep his teammates loose. It turns out it was a lot more than that.

Paul Sullivan sums it all up here

That's right. Rizzo didn't bring anything with him but his uniform to play a one-game make up in Washington. This would be something you would yell at your 7-year-old for doing. This is why Rizzo is a lot of people's favorite Cub and in my opinion should have a C on his chest by the time they get back to Chicago.

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