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Chicago isn't a stranger to having abandoned buildings. But some buildings keep remains of the beauty they once had. Check out what was found in the abandoned Catholic Church in the Windy City.

I've been Catholic since before I can remember, and even as a kid I would always be mesmerized by Churches; the windows, the statues, everything. Sometimes I think they're the most breathtaking, meditative places on the planet.

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I've said before how much I love Decaying Midwest and the places they explore. Lucky for me, I found a video of the investigation they did of an abandoned Catholic Church in Chicago.

Decaying Midwest Investigates an Abandoned Catholic Church in Chicago

First off, let's just admire some stained glass windows, because those are my absolute favorite. It's sad that such pretty work is now just left.

Decaying Midwest, TikTok
Decaying Midwest, TikTok

I desperately wish I knew where this place was, just so I could see that window! I'd love to know where this is and why it might've been closed down. I have a lot of questions.

But it wasn't just the pretty architecture that was left behind, several other random items were to.

Decaying Midwest, Canva
Decaying Midwest, Canva

So much food was left behind too. Not just a few items, tons of cans and everything in between... just wasted.

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That's a little bit of the negative part about this one for me, but the rest really had me thinking about how cool this place probably was in it's prime. Check it out!

Decaying Midwest Investigates Abandoned Catholic Church in Chicago

Chicago isn't a stranger to abandoned buildings, some buildings keep remains of the beauty they once had. Check out what was found in this deserted Church.

Gallery Credit: Olivia Williams


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