The drinks at this pop-up bar are sure to make you feel "Upside Down."

Timeout - Mimicking the series' nostalgic setting, the decor of the Upside Down is designed to resemble an "end of summer '80s dance party," taking place amid recreations of familiar settings such as the Byers' living room and the mysterious Mirkwood forest. Art installations throughout the bar will make you feel like you're hunting down a Demogorgon with you best friends as you snap selfies in front of the Christmas-light covered alphabet wall of listen to DJs spinning period appropriate tines froma booth that looks like it was constructed by the Hawkings Middle School A.V. Club.

It's all going down at Emporium in Chicago. Emporium is known for having special nights and just recently hosted a Run The Jewels pop-up bar, paying homage to the hip-hop super group. They're always well done, so this one should be a home run for any fans of the show.

Special drinks include the "Coffee & Contemplation," a scotch and coffee liqueur concoction and the "Mouth Breather," made with gin, ancho reyes, caramelized pineapple, lime and hellfire shrub. Chief Hopper's favorite beer Schlitz will be on the menu as well.

If you've never been to a pop-up bar, this would be a good one to cut your teeth.

The "Upside Down" will open Friday, August 18th and remain open through the end of September.

Plan your trip to Logan Square. Hopefully you'll be able to get back without too much trouble.

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