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Let me pull back the curtain a little bit here. 1440 WROK is part of a media group called Townsquare Media. The Rockford market includes 3 other stations, WZOK, 96.7 The Eagle, and Q98.5. We all work under the same roof and exist as co-workers.

All of the blogs posts that we write go into a pool that can be used by any of the other 3 stations. Sometimes my post will show up on ZOKs website (if you wouldn't mind clicking that link, I'd appreciate it. I think that's called a "Click-thru" and the suits LOVE them) and sometimes Steve Shannon's post shows up on the WROK website. We're all one (very) happy family here at Townsquare.

To make sure we don't double up on topics too much, there's a Google Docs page where you take note of what you're writing about so someone else doesn't duplicate it. I saw this story about Mrs. Fisher's Hot Bag (more on that in a bit) Sale and wanted to write about it.

I saw that my good friend Shannon Zimmerman already wrote it (click-thru time!) but there was one thing missing (in my opinion) from her post was that she didn't address the "hot bag" aspect of it.

WIFR also put something up about it (you know what to do) but didn't address, what I considered, the elephant in the room.

Does everyone know what a hot bag sale is? It sounds like this has happened before, so this just might be one of my Rockford windows of ignorance, but that's a new one for me.

I initially thought it was a spicy chip thing. Like they were making a batch of super jalapeno chips and it was a limited time thing. Turns out it's the ability to buy them "hot" out of the fryer at a pretty cheap price. One pound bags for 3 bucks. And, oh yeah, NO LIMIT. You could probably fill a van for about 50 bucks.

The whole thing is happening the Wednesday before Thanksgiving from 7AM to 3PM down at their factory on Fulton Ave. Be sure to grab 'em while they're hot.

Happy Friday folks.


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