The Dixon Police department have a social media team that continues to think outside of the box. 

If you're not following the Dixon Police on the different social media platforms you should fix that now. They are a good follow, and I'm not just saying they're good for a police department. They're literally entertaining at times.

This was them having fun around Halloween:

Airing their beef with the local fire department

Highlighting some of their more colorful encounters with the public:

There's also a lot of good local information on there, but they keep it light and engaging to keep the community involved. They make it a point to show that they are part of the community just like everyone else.

Now to address the video that they just made with the 10 different types of drivers they pull over.

I give it a 6 out of 10.

Production quality is top-notch. I mean this looks great. I'm interested in what kind of equipment they're using because this is better than just an iPhone and IMovie. Maybe it's not. Maybe this is what the latest cellphone is capable of but this looks at least "sophomore in film school" level of quality.

The star of the show. This guy:


Is really good. Has a unique look that plays well on the screen. He definitely looks like someone, I just can't figure out who. There's kind of Brian Unger thing going on but I don't know it that's it.

2017 Summer TCA Tour - CBS Television Studios' Summer Soiree - Los Angeles
Birdie Thompson

I did spot a goof in continuity that could have been easily avoided. When they pulled this guy over:


They could at least have taken his earpiece out.

Alexa, enhance:


It kind of ruined the reality of the scene for me. A minor detail, but one I'm sure they'd love to hear about.

As far as which driver I am when I get pulled over? I'm definitely a #8 Flustered Driver. I can NEVER find the right pieces of information when the officer walks up to my car. There's a lot of sweating involved. It's not fun for anyone.


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