On The Riley & Scot Show, we've discussed over-the-top proposals from time to time. Usually, it's a Jumbo-Tron proposal, or I'll-dress-up-like-a-team-mascot-then-surprise-you-at-halftime proposal, or, worst of all, I'll-go-all-out-and-you'll-recoil-in-horror-and-say-no engagement attempts.

I proposed to my wife, Amy, at a packed venue in front of around 150 people. Not wanting to go down in flames, I had pretty much made certain that she would say yes. To my everlasting relief, she did.

Which brings us to these guys. Omar and Susan. I think this video is pretty cool, and I give Omar big props for production value. The driving force behind posting this for you is our receptionist, Stephanie. She came into the office as I was screening the video, leaned over my shoulder and watched it, got all misty-eyed, and left. I took that as a positive review.

So, for every guy out there who said something to the effect of, "So, wanna get married or what?" I give you Omar:


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